What is Globe Life Insurance exactly? Everything You Need To Learn

Globe Life Insurance, which has been providing insurance since 1951, now has more that $82 billion of policies. But what is globelife insurance? And what are its benefits? You can read the entire article about Globe Life Insurance.

Globe life insurance company is one the oldest in America. It offers many different policy types, as well as riders that can be customized to your individual needs. The company is well-known for its solid policies for children.

Globe Life was established in 1951. It offers a mix between permanent and term insurance. Globe Life highlights its low cost initial coverage with $1 per month. However, this cost rapidly increases. Globe Life, previously known as Torchmark used to sell policies through subsidiaries. These include American Income Life. Liberty National Life. United American. Family Heritage Life. It is headquartered near McKinney, Texas. The company also has life insurance agents around the country.

Globe Life offers several products that are suitable for those who need final expense insurance with low underwriting. You may be healthy or need an income replacement benefit that is greater than the death benefit. We recommend that you compare quotes with other insurers to find the best prices and most comprehensive options.

Globe Life offers many services to help you feel calm and able to concentrate on what really matters. But you must get the right information and be informed before buying a policy. Here’s what Globe Life has for you. Please continue reading.

Globe Life insurance policies

Globe life offers various life insurance policies online or through its outstanding network of agents. None of these policies requires a medical exam. Let’s go over each product Globe Life offers customers.

Term life assurance

Globe’s life insurance policy does not require a medical exam. They also offer a limited range of death benefits. You can buy coverage for $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000 as well as $50,000 and $100,000. Term life insurance is, as its name implies, a policy that provides coverage for a limited time. It helps your family cover expenses after your death. Term Life Insurance can help lower the financial burden of your family so they can enjoy the same quality life as you did, even if they don’t have your income.

Globe Life’s term-life insurance policy can be tailored to meet your needs. What if you live beyond the term of the policy? Or you lose the benefit? You have two options: renew your policy, or get a new policy.

Children’s insurance: Life insurance

You can save money now by buying a child’s life insurance policy. It will also help your children to have money for the future. Globe Life offers whole-life insurance up to $30,000 to your child. Premiums are dependent on age and health. Your premiums will therefore be lower for younger children.

Globe’s child’s life insurance policy matures when the child turns 18. This policy provides cash value that your child or policyholder can use for other important occasions such as paying their college tuition or buying a home.

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance remains active, unlike term life insurance. As long as you continue to pay the premiums and accrue cash value, it is considered permanent. Globe life’s entire life insurance is available for purchase if your needs are long-term. Globe life’s insurance is not subject to a medical exam. However you will be asked some questions about your current health status during the application process.

Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

We have put together a list of the benefits Globe life whole life insurance offers to help you make a decision.

  • Lifetime rates: Rates that are locked in for life will never rise. The rate that is charged at the time the policy is issued is the rate that is permanent.
  • This whole life insurance policy helps you build cash value.
  • Your coverage can’t be reduced. Your whole life insurance coverage won’t change.
  • Benefits cannot be cancelled/reduced: Once approved, your whole insurance benefit can never be cancelled/reduced as long you pay premiums on time.

Globe Life is open to all, including veterans, seniors, new families, and individuals. Globe Life whole life insurance requires no medical exam. Globe Life insurance can be purchased either by mail or through an agent. In the first month, you pay $1. Your premiums will remain the same throughout the policy’s duration. You don’t need to have a medical exam. Premiums are therefore significantly higher than if a policy is purchased from an insurance company with full underwriting. This policy is available in all 50 states and has a maximum loss benefit of $50,000.

Final expense coverage

The final expense insurance was designed to pay your funeral costs as well as other expenses. It helps you to pay any debts that may be left behind. There is no need for a medical exam. Premiums are also relatively low.

Accidental death insurance

Accidental injuries are now the third leading cause death in the United States. An accidental death benefit is a life insurance policy that covers the cost of fatal accidents. It can help you make sure you have enough coverage. A “rider”, an additional benefit that can be added to an existing policy, is what you call it. You can add an “accidental death benefit rider” to your whole and term life policies. This will give you additional coverage in case you become incapacitated due to an accident.

Globe Life offers accidental loss insurance with a maximum of $250,000. This benefit increases by 5 percent each year for the first five-years of the policy, or until you turn 70. Its accidental-death coverage has been accepted if you are 18-69.

Mortgage insurance

Mortgage protection will help your beneficiaries pay off your mortgage on the home if your death. Globe policies include an inflation factor that increases your death benefit to 5% per year, educational and financial benefits for your children, as well as a payout if an accident causes you to lose your legs. Globe life’s Mortgage Protection Insurance is not only guaranteed, but also offers the following benefits:

  • Inflation. Your death benefit will increase by 55% every year you have mortgage protection insurance in force until it reaches 125% or your 70th birthday, whichever comes first.
  • Education: This benefit is available as part of the family plan. If your child was between the ages 15 and 22, on the date your covered accident took place, we’ll give an additional 10% to your mortgage insurance death benefit. This is to help your child pay for school.
  • Seatbelt: In the event of an accidental death in a vehicle while your seatbelt is on, we will pay an additional 10%
  • Dismemberment. Globe life will pay extra for an accident that ends in an amputation of the hand, foot or eye.
  • Commercially scheduled airline. Globe life will match the death benefit from your original mortgage protection policy if you’re fatally injured in an accident on commercial airlines.

Other insurance products

Globe Life, and its subsidiaries, primarily concentrate on life insurance. However they do offer annuities as well as supplemental and health insurance.

  • Insurance to protect against cancer: Pays for all medical expenses.
  • ICU insurance – Covers part or the entire stay in an ICU.
  • Critical illness insurance: Covers you for loss of income or special needs as well as significant lifestyle changes caused by a covered critical disease.
  • Hospital insurance: It covers copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and coinsurance costs during hospital stays.
  • Accident insurance: A lump amount payment for serious accidents.
  • Business owners have the option to offer workers insurance.
  • Globe was operated by Torchmark Corporation up to 2019. Globe was one subsidiary. United American Insurance Company also has subsidiaries, as does Globe Life Family Heritage.

Why choose Globe Life insurance?

Globe Life takes seriously its responsibility as a life-insurance company to ensure that working families are protected against the unexpected. Globe Life’s life- and supplemental-health insurance products are easy to use. The application is simple, a Yes/No, so it is easy for anyone to understand. Globe Life also discusses policy benefits in everyday, plain language. The highest priority will always go to you and your loved ones, so you’ll be able to receive all services.

Representatives are easily reachable by phone or online 24 hours a day, as well as face-to–face. The products are priced to suit every budget and can be purchased online, over the telephone, in person, and by mail. Globe Life is experienced and committed in doing right and fair for customers, agents as well employees and the communities they serve. Globe Life, a life and disability insurance company, strives to positively impact the communities we serve, live in, and work in. We have been protecting the financial futures for working families for over a century. This has allowed them to prosper and grow.

Globe Life insurance pros/cons

Below are some of the benefits and drawbacks of Globe life insurance.


  • Globe Life Insurance has 2 subsidiaries in the United States.
    • Liberty National Life Insurance
    • Family Heritage Life Insurance
  • They offer life insurance policies for all ages, including universal and whole-life.
  • They offer a non-medical exam policy.
  • Lower rates for your first month
  • You can purchase the policy online or over-the-phone.


  • Globe Life only provides Globe Life insurance products. No choice.
  • There are not many options.
  • The cost is high compared to other insurance companies.
  • For permanent insurance, you need to obtain a quote from a Life Insurance Agent.
  • For term insurance, there are only two options: 10, 20, or 30, year.
  • Maximum coverage amounts can only be $100,000 AIG will provide coverage for all amounts above $100,000.
  • $5,000 is the minimum amount for coverage.
  • It is far more than what you might expect for a company with its size.

Globe life insurance reviews

Globe life could be the best place for your money. Globe life offers many products. The majority of its products are available directly to consumers via the Internet or direct mail. They offer three major policies: term Life for Adults, Whole Life for Adults, and Whole Life for Children.

Globe life reviewers may have mixed feelings about the company’s policies and services, despite their high rating. Globe life customers have reported difficulties contacting customer service. The company’s customer service team is extremely persistent about calls and sending out materials.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners monitors the number of complaints that customers send to state insurance department. A score between 1 and zero represents the baseline standard, while a score of 1 means that there was no complaint to count. Globe Life scored 6.56 as of 2021. That is six times more complaints than their average.

Globe Life insurance offers cheap coverage with quick turnarounds. The adult term life policy is the best option if you are serious about your financial needs.

Yet, it is important to have financial stability. Globe Life has excellent financial strength ratings. Investors and policyholders have the ability to trust their long-term financial security. Globe life insurance can be purchased, although there have been some problems. The company’s customer service seems to be improving, according to the reviews.

Third-party ratings

AM Best is a credit ratings agency that issues financial strength rating (FSRs), regarding the insurance industry. These FSRs represent opinions about the ability of insurers to meet their contract and policy obligations. Strong FSRs indicate that a company can pay its claims and is financially sound. AM Best decreased Globe Life’s FSR rating from A+(Superior), downgrading it to A- (Excellent) in 2020. AM Best cited the low level of risk-adjusted capitalismization.

While an A rating may still be very high, any improvement to the FSR is important in the insurance business. AM Best also highlighted the “balancesheet strength” of Globe Life’s life/health insurer subsidiaries.

Globe Life did not make it into the J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Assurance study, which ranked 24 U.S.-based life insurance companies based primarily on their product offerings as well as pricing and customer interactions, was not included in the J.D. However, it was ranked No. 2 in overall customer happiness among life insurers. Globe Life was No. 6 in 2021 J.D. Power study.

How can I cancel my Globe Life Insurance policy?

Life insurance companies generally offer a 10-day “freelook” period. This gives you ten business days to cancel your policy, and your money will be refunded. Globe Life, however, offers a generous 30-day guarantee of money back. Globe Life will reimburse your entire money if your policy is not satisfactory.

After the initial 30-day period, cancellation policies may be subject to change depending on your insurance plan. In light of the many complaints Globe Life customers have lodged regarding its handling of accounts and policies, be sure to read and comprehend all policy documentation before you sign and agree to terms.

No. 1 global number for life insurance

Globe life is always available and willing to answer your questions about any of their policies. We also provide information for prospective customers on our supplemental coverage products for civil service personnel. Their toll-free number is 800-831-1200. A representative will assist. You can also visit their site to confirm the number.

How long does Globe life insurance take to pay?

Individual circumstances and product differences can impact the claim process. Once all necessary information about your claim has been received and the claim has been determined to be payable, most claims are paid within 10-15 business days. After your claim is processed, your check will arrive in your mailbox within 10-15 business days. Globe should be contacted directly if you haven’t received your check after 30 days from the date Globe processed your claim. You will find the contact details on the website. These include email address, telephone number, and working times.

If the policy was in force for at least two years, it can be considered “Incontestable”, meaning that it will automatically be paid when all necessary documents are received. For policies that have been in force for less then two years, they are considered “Incontestable” and will need to be reviewed again, increasing the processing times.

Globe life mobile application

If you’re looking for information on GLI and our products, we have a mobile app that can help you. Download the free GLI app at google stores. This app will allow you to:

  • Pay your monthly premium bill
  • Accept additional coverage options if available
  • Establish one-time payments
  • Updating your personal data
  • Learn more information about coverage options
  • Connect with Us via Social Media

Once you have downloaded the app you will need to log in with your same username and password as on Globe Life eServiceCenter website. Or, you can register for a new account. This app is optimized on iPad and iPhone 4+.

Globe Life insurance company denies claims

Globe Life insurance company sells direct on the internet to consumers. They emphasize the economic importance of life insurance and their review of applications is not as comprehensive as other companies. You should be careful if your family member dies during the first two-year period. A thorough investigation will take place.

Torchmark, known for serious legal issues is the owner and operator of Globe life insurance.

Globe Life and accidental insurance, both Torchmark subsidiaries, came under fire for their marketing of individual health insurance policies. Some notable tactics included selling replacement plans that did not completely replace the person’s coverage. Company agents would convince policyholders they would have their current coverage terminated at 65. This was even though it was guaranteed to them for life. Then, they would sell policies that were much less expensive. Another strategy was to offer policies at low rates, which quickly soared.


Globe life insurance, a well-known brand, is very well-known. This is due in part to the numerous marketing campaigns that target prospective clients interested to purchase funeral life insurance to pay burial costs. Seniors are often bombarded with marketing emails and direct mail promotions promoting $1 a month coverage and other campaigns in an effort to attract their attention. This could leave you wondering if Globe Life Insurance can be trusted and if it is legitimate. Globe life offers a good customer experience with recommendations and has few complaints.

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