Life Insurance No Medical Exam

Do you suffer from a fear of needles or are you unable to wait 4-8 weeks before you can be approval in life insurance. If your situation is one of the above, medical life insurance is the right option you can choose.

Most life insurance policies require an extensive medical or physical examination of the person applying to determine if they have an underlying disease or medical condition that could affect the insurance companies can provide insurance coverage. However, for those with health problems or who are older or have a medical condition, they can get medical life insurance , which gets the approval of their case without going through a long procedure of medical examination.

Life insurance without medical examination is an excellent option for those who don’t want the idea of having to deal with hassles or don’t feel comfortable sharing personal information. This is also a great option for people who are looking to get quick business loans or who have a travel plan which require life insurance, this is the ideal option for them.

Life insurance: What does it mean? without medical exam?

Usually , life insurance requires applicants to undergo an examination that is medical or paramedical. Insurance that does not require a medical examination doesn’t require the person applying to take the test which includes urine collection blood draw, reading of pulse and pressure test as well as weight and height measurement as well as a medical history examination and, possibly, an EKG. Someone who is looking for life insurance without a medical exam is exempt from these tests. They can get coverage without the need to spend hours on an examination.

In the majority of situations, the medical examination is done to assess the state of health of an applicant, to establish a what health level the applicant is in and determine the cost of rates and the cost of insurance.

A long-winded test and waiting for the results could be more difficult and even if you’re healthy, you won’t have an need to go through physical examinations. There is no examination is required for life insurance. It is suitable for those who are in perfect health their health and do not require any tests in order to qualify for the insurance.

If you’re buying life insurance without a medical exam for the event that you are completely well, you should be honest in answering all questions being requested by the insurance company. Since based on the information you supply to your insurer, they will determine the premiums and policy for the policy. If he determines that you were not honest when answering certain questions on an application for insurance, the insurer could cut the payout or even deny your claim completely.

Benefits of not having a medical exam life insurance

If you’re busy and don’t have any pre-existing health conditions There are many benefits of not having a life insurance with a medical exam such as:

  • Fast approval

Traditional life insurance typically takes about four to six weeks for approval. However, if you require life insurance fast for business or personal reasons, it’s not worth waiting for this long. If that’s the situation, medical examination-free term life insurance could be the best choice for you. If it is the case that you have a sudden travel plan that you cannot avoid and you aren’t willing to travel without life insurance. In this case, no health insurance for life is an simplest option.

You can be accepted for medical life insurance within just 48 hours. Some insurance companies even approve it immediately after asking regarding your health history as well as additional questions related to your health. It is just a matter of providing all the details truthfully.

  • You should consider getting insurance even if you have health problems

If you suffer from health problems and are refused conventional life insurance then you could opt for simplified-issue life insurance, in which you’ll have to answer a few questions. However, if you’re unwell or are too old, you should opt to assured issue coverage.

  • Affordable life insurance with no medical exam

In actual fact 20 percent of the population of adults have the fear of needles that prevents individuals from undergoing an extensive medical examination to obtain life insurance. If you’re among the majority or don’t enjoy the thought of taking medical examinations, you could opt for accelerated issue life insurance, which will require you to answer a few questions about your health and they’ll approve you immediately.

In this scenario the premiums are comparable to those for policies with complete medical insurance.

  • Are you working in a hazardous area?

If you are employed in a hazardous job, like commercial fishing underground mining, or a risky activity like skydiving or jumping bungees, your typical insurance company will be able to provide you with the cost of hiring.

If you’re in good shape with your health, then none of the health health insurance quotes will be able to compensate for your current circumstance.

  • Funeral insurance

Usually, life insurance prices increase with time you are over 50, the cost increases massive, ranging from 5% to 8 percent. Therefore, if you’re an adult in good health and who is over 50 years old and would like to purchase life insurance to ensure that funeral expenses are paid for, medical life insurance can assist you in this case.

A payout of $25,000 to $50,000 is most likely to be sufficient to pay for funeral costs for you. In this price range there aren’t many advantages to traditional life insurance. This is what makes any medical insurance not suitable for you.

The disadvantages of not having medical life insurance

While no medical life insurance comes with its own benefits however, it’s not as well-known in the same way as conventional life insurances. The main reasons behind this:

  • Life insurance for medical conditions is more costly

In the case of a life insurance policy that is medical in which the insurers decide on the price of the policy based on outcomes of the medical test. The results will determine the risk percentage but this is not the situation for a insurance policy that doesn’t provide medical reports to determine the risk profile of the person applying for.


Therefore, the insurance company is unable to fully assess your risk and assume greater risk to protect the risk. In order to compensate, they will raising the cost of insurance.

  • Coverage is low

Comparatively the medical-related life insurance the no examination life insurance does not offer the same benefits. Although each insurance company can give you different conditions however, there are numerous non-medical insurance policies available with benefits that exceed $5 million.

  • There isn’t much room to interpret

Since no exam policy is based on algorithms, there’s very little scope for interpretation. If you have a fully underwritten policy the underwriters typically provide coverage at higher rates instead of simply rejecting the application. This means you pay an amount that is higher in your cost.

Who are medical exams not covered by life insurance policy for?

  • Young applicants

If you’re under 50 years old at the time of your birth the majority of insurers won’t demand that you undergo a medical examination for life insurance to save cash. Certain companies provide the option of instant-issue life insurance which you can apply for online from the comfort of your own home.

Even if you’re unwell and are under the age of 50, you are able to opt for no medical life insurance. Be sure to select the right insurance company that has access to the underwriting guidelines for a variety of insurance companies.

  • Candidates who are older

If you’re older than 50, you’re qualified to apply for life insurance policies with a term without having to undergo physical examinations until when you are 65 years old. However, the amount of coverage decreases with this type of policy. If you’re not suitable to purchase term life insurance, then simplified issue life insurance is the best alternative for you to skip the medical exam.

  • Business owners

If you own a business and are looking to obtain a small-business loan then you’ll need life insurance in order to secure the SBA loan. However, medical life insurance may take more time to be accepted in order to receive the loan. Medical life insurance cannot be used in these instances because it is able to be acquired quick.

  • Health issues in applicants

If you’re not in good health or you have a situation that insurers view as risky, then you could get a “quick quote for an independent insurance company with access to insurers’ underwriting guidelines. Quick quotes are sent to the case when it is passed to various underwriting divisions of various insurance companies to review the situation and give an initial decision prior to when you are able to apply for.

  • People with very little time have

If the absence of time is the reason why you’re still unable to apply for life insurance you need, remember that there is no medical life insurance policy that will take more than 20 minutes to procedure. If you speak to the representative via phone or submit an application online from your own home. It should not take longer than 30 minutes to finish the process.

  • People who aren’t a fan of needles.

In actual fact that 20% of the population of adults have fear of needles, which could be the reason behind them not having insurance for medical expenses. If the blood draw part of the medical insurance held you back from attempting to take the test, there is no medical exam insurance necessary to help you progress.

If you’re not content with the inadequate coverage offered by the medical insurance without medical coverage then you can get various simplified life insurance policies. These will provide more coverage.

  • People who don’t like being hassled

If you’re not comfortable giving bodily fluids it is not an isolated case. Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association’s research shows that 48 percent of Americans are less likely to purchase life insurance that has medical exams , as they do not like the inconvenience. In this situation without a medical exam, life insurance is the ideal choice to choose.

How much will life insurance with no examination cost?

The price for medical life insurance that is not medical is dependent on the kind of insurance you plan to purchase. The cost differs between no medical life insurance and the type with a physical exam which is included ranges from zero to a whopping cost.

It is possible to find yourself in a situation in which you have to pay higher for medical life insurance when you aren’t aware of an illness that caused you to be in the medical examination or you simply feel anxious during the exam, which results in the blood pressure to rise. These types of scenarios can influence the price you have to pay for medical exam insurance. It is possible to skip these fees in the event that you opt for no medical insurance.

Life insurance types without medical examination

If you’re looking to buy no medical insurance, be sure to are knowledgeable about the two forms of medical exam-free life insurance. This is where you can learn about the benefits they each provide and how they’re distinct.

Life insurance with simplified issue

A simpler issue with life insurance will require the person applying to answer a few questions about his or her family’s health. The applicant will be provided with an elaborate questionnaire that requires the information about your your medical history, and family’s medical background. Additionally, you will be asked to supply your medical history and previous records. This entire process is determined by the data that you supply in both written and oral format but you won’t have to undergo an examination for medical reasons.

The cost of this policy are greater than traditional life insurance that requires the medical exam. Based on the outcome of your examinations and the results of your medical exam, coverage will vary between $25,000 and $300,000.

It’s your choice to decide if you would like your policy written to cover term or whole life insurance.

If you’re in search of an insurance policy that is simple to understand it is best with the following terms:

  • Convenience: A new study has revealed that 47 percent of Americans are likely to purchase simplified life insurance. This supports this notion that it’s an everyday option, and that consumers are actually getting it because it doesn’t require any medical examination.
  • Health issues covered If you’re suffering from problems with your health, such as diabetes controlled or IG health conditions, purchasing life insurance through the traditional method could delay your ability to purchase the life insurance you need. Simple life insurance is created for people like you, in which it covers these health issues.
  • Rapid approval Quick approval: One of the most important advantages of having simpler life insurance policy is it can save the time of getting approved. When you purchase simplified life insurance you’ll be approved immediately. There is no need to wait around for weeks for the results. If you are planning a trip or you require urgent financing for your business This insurance is the right choice for you.

It is important to keep in mind that when applying for life insurance that is simplified it is essential to be upfront about any medical issues since if the insurance company finds out about it upon your death and your policy becomes invalid, it will be cancelled and your beneficiaries will not be eligible to receive death benefits you deserve. Therefore, it is best to be honest when answering the questions that are asked when you apply.

Guaranteed insurance

If you discover that you’re not eligible to purchase standard life insurance due to your medical conditions or because the cost of premiums is too high in your situation, you may nevertheless have hope for insured insurance that is guaranteed.

The Guaranteed Life Insurance is form of life insurance that is permanent, especially for people who aren’t able to get the traditional insurance plan due to health issues. The term of this insurance will last for the rest of your life so long as you’re regular with your insurance premiums. If you’re over the age of 65 and have a medical issue Life insurance that is guaranteed will provide your family for funeral costs medical bills, funeral expenses, as well as other expenses following your death.

Similar to simpler life insurance and guaranteed life insurance, guaranteed life insurance is offered without the need to undergo a medical examination. All you need to do is to answer the questions pertaining to your medical and health information.

When it comes to the death benefit they typically come with higher prices, which is generally at or below $25,000. A lot of policies have graduated death benefits, which means that your beneficiaries will receive the amount of the premium plus interest, in the event that you die in the first two to three years from purchasing the policy.

Guaranteed life insurance can aid you in:

  • Guaranteed coverage with no questions asked Like the other insurances for life, guaranteed insurance will provide you with lifetime coverage regardless of your health status or age. You’ll be covered until the end of your existence as long you pay on time fees. If you’re suffering from serious health issues , like cancer or heart disease Life insurance that guarantees you will pay your beneficiaries the death benefits when you’re gone.
  • An option to cover your expenses for the final days: Because the amount of coverage is lower in the guarantee life insurance the insured tend to purchase it as a type or final cost insurance. It will pay for funeral costs or medical bills , and it also eliminates the life-long debts. With guaranteed life insurance, you are able to leave a legacy to your grandchildren and children.

Frequently asked frequently by people

Life insurance that is purchased without the need for a medical examination is more common to happen in the American population. The the following questions are frequently asked by clients to learn more about the procedure.

  • What is the process for underwriting consist of if there is no medical exam needed?

In general, the insurance company will ask you to provide the details of your application, including sources that are used by the insurance company like the prescription record, Medical Information Bureau (MIB) Motor record of vehicles (MVR), LexisNexis, phone interviews, and doctor medical records.

  • Are policy for life more costly?

Most of the time, no policy for medical insurance are as expensive as one that is based on traditional underwriting. The popularity of these policies has grown and has inevitably increased the cost on these plans.

In reality just a few years ago, it was difficult to find life insurance policies that did not require a medical examination, and the rise in popularity of the policies gives the chance to obtain decent policies to suit your needs.

  • What are the maximal coverage amounts without Medical life insurance?

Life insurance that does not require a medical examination is risky in the final days of the insurance company that most compensate by restricting the amount of coverage that is available without medical examination policies. The coverage of most companies’ maximum for no medical exam policies is between $500,000 and $2,000,000.

  • What’s so bad about an examination for physical or medical reasons?

The whole procedure of the medical examination is long and will require your blood pressure and urine samples. The blood samples will be taken along with your weight and height. will be measured before asking for your Slavia. You’ll be required to answer lengthy questions about your health. There are some that may require you to undergo an electrocardiogram (EKG).

After you have provided all the samples, you will have to wait between 4 and 8 weeks. In addition you’re in a state of uncertainty regarding the outcome of the test and what happens if they show into something that can be a risk to an insurance policy.


Life insurance without a medical exam is a great life insurance policy for individuals who are looking to purchase an insurance policy for life, medical issues, or old age. This policy is for those who are seeking permanent life insurance that is affordable rates and the best coverage.

Individuals have the option to purchase simplified life insurance and guaranteed life insurance, which will only require them to provide some information about their medical background and then they are approval for the policy immediately. The policyholders are covered for life, for as long as they pay their premiums and receive the death benefits that are graded. This policy is an excellent alternative for those who suffer from an phobia of needles or are looking to obtain the insurance in a limited timeframe due to professional or personal needs.

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